Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama si-a ales "mana sa dreapta"

"Obama Offers Rahm Emanuel Chief-of-Staff Job"

Obama a ales pentru pozitia de "Chief of staff" pe Rahm Emanuel, fost " chief of staff" al lui Clinton. O figura destul de controversata in perioada anilor '90, in care Dick Morris, fost consilier personal al lui Bill Clinton il definea aseara ca pe un individ in care nu poti avea incredere care are prostul obicei de a "transpira" informatii din interiorul "Biroului Oval" catre presa. Intrebat de Bill O'Reilly care este pararea sa despre posibila "mana dreapta" aleasa de Barack Obama , Morris a zambit ironic si i-a urat noului Presedinte ales, "Good Luck".

"Speaking of brash, Rahm Emmanuel, the new White House Chief of Staff, makes Cutter look timid. Rahm is also a former Clinton White House staffer - and a very obnoxious one. He spent his White House years leaking to the Washington Post whenever he didn’t like what the President was doing. Even Bill Clinton stopped trusting him. Any hopes of Obama keeping his commitment to reach across the aisle would go right out the window with Rahm’s appointment. Instead of extending a hand to the opposition, it would be like raising just one finger. And Rahm’s strident demeanor laced with the ‘f’ word in every sentence will do little to elevate the bipartisan dialogue in Washington"

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Anonymous said...

Ce drăguţ e Obama în poza-asta! Tipul ăla care l-a făcut pe Clinton e pervers. :)