Sunday, December 10, 2017

It’s amazing to watch the unhinged liberal fantasies

We are winning because we know our enemy    despite their constant defeats, they still have no understanding of us. It's a really strange experience being in a room of educated liberals these days. The vast majority  are really great people, but refuse to be curious therefore can't understand why Trump was elected. They are dumbfounded.
Even when I point out it's about purging that nation from the sickness of corruption, they refuse to engage. And when I point out that it's not just about Trump - even he admits he's just the messenger - they simply will not consider my p.o.v.
What's interesting is that while they have zero interest in understanding  the #MAGA World and supporters, I have a very good understanding of what they believe, how they think and how they view the world.
At the core is a very strong sense of entitlement to power. This comes from a rigid certainty that they are intellectually & morally superior people. Many of these progressive liberals truly believe that they are just superior human beings in every way.
If you regard yourself that way, it means that you believe it's a waste of time to consider any other p.o.v. It also means that you have license to preach to your inferiors. And it justifies ridiculing & belittling them. But most importantly, it means that you are relieved of the burden of persuading others to give you power, e.g political power.  Because you are BETTER, you are entitled to TAKE power and keep inferiors away from it. Modern liberalism is essentially totalitarian in nature.
If there's anything the 8 years of Obama taught me, it was the rise of a totalitarian instinct among utopian liberals. By 'utopian', I mean the Obama crowd - the ones who wanted to IMPOSE their progressive agenda on America.
Utopians reverse engineer society. They start with their ideal world and work back to destroy resistance to it. Because their idealized world is genuinely progressive and better for all,fundamental protections for ALL citizens are no longer guaranteed. They start to dilute.
The rule of law becomes a flexible concept, rather than a bedrock principle that glues society together. Illegal spying on citizens becomes justifiable, for example. Ditto IRS targeting innocent groups and citizens on political grounds. Not just justifiable. LEGITIMATE.
But most importantly, it means that you are relieved of the burden of persuading others to give you power, eg political power.  Because you are BETTER, you are entitled to TAKE power and keep inferiors away from it. Modern liberalism is essentially totalitarian in nature.
   Equality under the rule of law is also a flexible concept. For example, using identity politics and race baiting, Obama was aiming to destroy the belief that equality existed, had ever existed, or was even possible. Divide, Rule.
 It means that over time, critical social insitutions degrade - the judiciary , intell devices, armed forces - and the powerful people within them become infected with a political virus, aka corruption & crime. It's a slow and largely invisible process of rotting.
Even information itself becomes corrupted. Using a mix of rewards & punishment, Obama was able to give license to loyal media to lie, mislead and propagandize. Ditto, Hillary Clinton.
The role of the media as enablers of what happened to America between 2008-2016 is only now being exposed.
Underlying it all is liberal progressivism and the fraudulent post-modern philosophy that drives it - a longer thread , for those interested:Corporate America is allowing itself to be taken over by the same insanity that destroyed the Democratic Party - liberal progressivism.
It's a toxic combination of globalism, socialism & post-modern relativism in one deadly virus.
Nietzsche was the first to declare 'God is dead.' What he meant was that the faith in invisible, yet discernible truths, was being destroyed. He worried about the nihilism that would fill the vacuum, should the struts  underlying discovery (method) be washed away.
It is this malign nihilistic spirit that the modern French relativists brought to the world. Derrida, Foucault, Stirner and a number of others branded themselves in typical grandiose terms 'post-modernists'.Their core argument - there are no invisible, objective truths. Or as Derrida said in 1967, 'il n'y a pas de hors-texte' - 'there is nothing outside context'.
It doesn't matter what Shakespeare intended when he wrote a play. Your interpretation of the text is as valid as his. 
Hey buddy, how can you say Shakespeare even wrote the play anyway? His writing is just a composite of many different writers & thinkers.He wrote is. He isn't write it. No one wrote it. EVERYONE wrote it. It hasn't been written yet. Every view is valid. You see how this cheap trick of a philosophy works? It's a con job. A very dangerous one, too. Why?
Because it allows bad people who want power over others to exploit the vacuum. Nihilism makes people uneasy. Humans want reassurance and explanation. It's hard wired into us. charlatans, ideologues and megalomaniacs know this.
The warm, fuzzy ideology of Marxism filled an emotional gap. As did Hitler's fascism. As does global progressivism. The one thing that binds these movements together?
 There is no such thing as truth, only context and perspective; the west is sinful and must always apologize & atone; and that humans are flawed & perfectible, as long as they strive toward progressive ideals - perfection encapsulated in the postmodern God, Barack Hussein Obama.
What seems to have happened between 2008-2016 is that this new religion started to take the place of imperfect, but secular, government. The Democratic Party, now shattered beyond repair IMO, became the vehicle for this religion's attempted takeover.
One with its own high priests and priestesses, language, sins & indulgences - as well as a pathway to salvation - demanding submission and unquestioning faith from its acolytes. Being the liberals I described at the start of this thread.
Of course, the world Obama created was a fertile ground for charlatans and criminals. Liberal progressives are the most gullible suckers I've ever seen. As long as you can APPEAR to be a fellow worshipper, you can get away with anything. Hence, the Clinton Crime Cartel flourished.
A Clinton Presidency would have been a great tragedy not only for America, but the world. The USA would have been destroyed. I have no doubt about that at all. It's why I will reward Trump as a failure if Clinton is not indicted, put on trial and punished. VERY important.
Regard Trump as a failure. I mean that as a compliment to him. He is a genuine historic figure and only people like him have the courage and skill to take the type of action that needs to occur against the Clintons, Obamas & their stooges.
It's not just about restoring the rule of law, but also about sending a message to the other.Clintons and Obamas out there, who right now are watching to see what Trump does. They need to have no doubt that it will NEVER be permitted to happen again.
AND it's about waking liberals from their nightmare and shaking them from their delusions. I'm an optimist and think that many have started to see how badly conned they were. But many still 'resist' admitting to themselves that they are conned.
That they are intelligent, but NOT intellectually or morally superior. That the imperfect world we live in is NOT something that can be 'perfected', but CAN be improved. In other words, that they are just like everyone else.
Because right now, too many are doing what Obama did - admiring themselves in the mirror, unable to look away from their idealized reflection, while the world moves on without them - 'Narcissus'
Until the spell over them is broken, they won't be able to move on and will continue to suffer defeat after defeat. And no - that's NOT a good thing, if we want #MAGA to succeed. America needs this sickness removed. As  Trump keeps reminding us.
The good news is that, over time, except for the absolute dead-enders, the truth will win over the vast majority. It may take a decade, like it did for Reagan. But eventually …there was no doubt that Reagan’s (somewhat) controversial work led to an amazing economy and the end of the Soviet Union. Today, all be the dead-enders admit that Reagan was a truly great President.

Now, I don’t want to make Trump into a figure of worship.  I don’t.  This is a wild ride, and not everything is pretty, and not everything is wonderful.  But it is amazing how far we’ve come in less than a year.  For all the caterwauling, it’s been incredible. Not to mention, Trump is very funny, and he has an unusual gift of genius that goes well beyond his life as a builder. I don’t know where this will end, but I’m proud to have joined the Trump train early, and proud to fight with him.
Every.  Day.
So far, he is the master of the storm.  I anticipate nothing less in the next years.

Monday, December 4, 2017

#RESIST - Neofascismul Globalist in Grad de Cavaler

Image result for resist trump soros
Miscarea #Resist a luat nastere in timpul campaniei electorale/prezidentiale americane din 2016. Cand profesionistii "Deep State" , "The Swamp" cum ii alinta Trump , au luat pulsul si masurat trendurile prin metode analitice sofisticate , au apasat butonul de panica. Atunci s-au pus in miscare fortele #Rezistentei la ceea ce avea sa devina "Pericol Nuclear" pentru mafia globalista si cartierul sau general din K Street (Washington, D.C.). Cum sa lasi fraiele puterii din mana cand ai la dispozitie toata armata birocratica pusa in schema de admin Obama & CO? Parte masiva din intelligence(FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, Foreign Service ) , masina de propaganda fake-news-media , miliardarii lumii si armatele lor "not for profit" , finantate pe sest din off shore-uri si bugetul secret al Departamentului de Stat via USAID,(Judicial Watch Sues State Department, USAID for Documents on Funding to Soros’ Foreign Campaigns) Complexul Industrial Militar, dealeri de arme si tehnica militara al caror "business as usual" este razboiul si conflictele provocate acolo unde, dupa fabricarea haosului si anarhiei, terenul devine permisiv. Si pentru ca drumul spre iad este intotdeauna pavat cu intentii bune, "cuiburile de rezistenti" la orice forma de schimbare care ar periclita existenta Serpariei Globaliste. #RESIST si #ANTIFA) s-au raspandit cu viteza virusului scapat din laborator. In SUA , incubatorul central, in EUROPA prin intermediul ONG-urilor, Soros Foundation & CO, trusturi de presa aservite si bine finantate , politicieni si agenti de influenta interni. Corpul diplomatic mostenit din era marionetelor Clinton- Bush- Obama . D-nii Taubman, Gitenstein si Hans G Klemm sunt exemple vii de indivizi corupti, sustinuti frenetic de mercenarii "anticorupti" . Incepand cu anii '90 Romania a fost infestata cu ONG-uri "democratice". Cursuri de pregatire in domenii diverse, sponsorizate de entitatile sus mentionate au investit imens in "resurse umane"(aka Ciolos) gata oricand sa preia butoanele guvernarii, varfurile Justitiei, Serviciile Secrete ,Diplomatia, toate parghiile importante din aresenalul puterii. Societatea "civila" , trusturile de presa , formatorii de opinie plimbati zilnic, pina la supra saturatie, prin studiourile TV. Scopul acestora este cat se poate de clar: Retinerea Puterii cu orice pret , recuperarea "Ei" prin orice mijloace.
In cazul accidentelor democratice( @ *8 Nov 2016) , imprevizibile, votul "undercover" le-a aruncat in aer toate calculele. Cand "prostimea"( The Deplorables) se satura de status quo-ul impus cu japca , nu mai inghite "bullshit-ul" propagat de mass media si strica pronosticurile Bordelurilor Analitice. Toti cei care se opun agendei acestor organizatii quasi teroriste sunt instant atacati, executati mediatic si nu de putine ori fizic. Etichetele standard folosite de propaganda neofascista #Resist sunt aplicate copy&paste in toate teatrele de operatiuni diversioniste ,de la Washington la Bucuresti , oponentilor agendei globaliste : Rasisti, Homofobi, Fanatici Religiosi, Deranjati Psihic , Agenti Putinisti ,Russian Bots etc. Derularea evenimentelor ultimelor saptamani indica fisuri importante in structura de #rezistenta a Cabalului . Piesele Dominoului incep sa cada . @The House of Cards is crumbling . Tic..Toc, Tic Toc...
Merry Christmas ! ­čÄů

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fascism and Nazism , The Extreme Lefties

Nazis weren't really socialists, just like Democrats aren't really democratic, when you go far west you end up in the east.

Benito Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, and Adolf Hitler, the founder of Nazism, are commonly portrayed as right-wing, conservative, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Mussolini and Fascism

It might surprise those who’ve heard Mussolini consistently portrayed as a died-in-the-wool right-wing conservative, and fascists as the most extreme of right-wingers, to learn that Mussolini followed in the footsteps of his Socialist father, and his very name was given because of his parent’s left-wing views. He was given the name Benito because of left-wing Mexican President Benito Juarez, and his middle names Andrea and Amilcare were given in honor of Italian Socialists Andrea Costa and Amilcare Cipriani.

Mussolini was part of the Italian Socialist movement growing up, and was even arrested by the police for his part in a violent labor strike. He was the editor of the Socialist newspaper Avanti(Forward -Hillary's campaign slogan)! and was one of Italy’s most prominent Socialists, while openly describing himself as a Marxist. He was only expelled from the Italian Socialist party because he supported more militarism than others in the party were comfortable with.
Despite Italian Socialism rejecting him, he continued to describe himself as a progressive Socialist, and not just a Fascist. He displayed his Communist influence by strongly opposing religion. He accelerated government spending and the national debt while advocating Keynesian economics, similar to Democrats today. Social welfare, retirement, and healthcare spending drastically increased under Mussolini, and wide-reaching price controls were implemented. The state took control of nearly all aspects of the economy.
Indeed, in the waning years of Mussolini’s Fascism, his final government was called the Italian Social Republic. During this time Mussolini appealed to the working class and, working with former Communist Nicola Bombacci, portrayed Fascism as a left-wing progressive movement.
So how has left-wing scholarship addressed the increasingly clear evidence that Mussolini and Fascism are and always were left-wing? By asserting, baselessly, that “extremes meet” and that just because left-wing Fascism exists, that right-wing Fascism also exists (and of course they still attempt to portray it as generally right-wing, despite all the evidence).

Hitler and Nazism

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are consistently portrayed as right-wing and conservative by scholars, despite the growing acknowledgment that the German word for Nazi,  Nationalsozialismus, translates as “National Socialist Party.” The Nazis were secular Socialists, and Social Darwinism played a major role in the party’s belief system, which is why scientists like Josef Mengele committed such inhuman experiments.
Indeed, the well-known practice of eugenics by the Nazis, their attempted population control, and support for abortion, should identify them as solidly left-wing. The attacks on Jews were in large part motivated by the Nazi’s hatred of capitalism (see e.g. Joseph Goebbel’s statements), and the Jews, who controlled much of the banking sector, were targeted as an excuse for government control of the banking industry.
Hitler, like Mussolini, accelerated government spending and the national debt. The Nazi’s 25 Point Program identified government taking control of/nationalizing industries (13), expansion of retirement welfare spending (15), increased public education spending (20), and increased healthcare and labor rights (21) as top priorities. Hitler took over government control of the welfare system in 1933 by ordering the National Socialist People Welfare’s chairman to disband private welfare institution.
Massive social welfare covered 17 million Germans who received government assistance under the concept of Volksgemeinschaft. Like the Communists and Socialists, Hitler stamped down on Christianity and religion, not just the Jews. The leader of the Confessing Church, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was martyred, and 800 Protestant pastors were arrested throughout Germany by the Nazis, along with 400 Catholic priests.
By this time it should be crystal clear that Nazism and Fascism are far left-wing, even more so than Socialism and Communism, and only the left-wing bent of many scholars and journalists prevents this from being widely acknowledged. It is being blatantly covered up and lied about by prominent figures throughout academia and the press to further their liberal, left-wing agendas. The knowledge is inconvenient to their own progressive, atheistic,  immoral belief systems.

Monday, June 12, 2017

James Comey Lied To The Senate Intelligence Committee

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After former FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday, people began to point out something that didn’t ring quite true in his testimony.
Comey testified that, unlike when he served under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, he never felt compelled to take notes in a meeting. The gist of that was obviously to make Trump seem more concerning and problematic.
But turns out that was a lie.
In his account of his meeting with President Bush, Comey, of course, painted himself as the hero. This was his exchange with Senator Warner:
WARNER: And so, in all your experience, this was the only president that you felt like, in every meeting, you needed to document, because at some point, using your words, he might put out a non-truthful representation of that meeting?

COMEY: That’s right, Senator.

And I — I — as I said in my written testimony, as FBI director, I interacted with President Obama. I spoke only twice in three years, and didn’t document it. When I was deputy attorney general, I had one one-on-one meeting with President Bush about a very important and difficult national security matter.
I didn’t write a memo documenting that conversation either — sent a quick e-mail to my staff to let them know there was something going on, but I didn’t feel, with President Bush, the need to document it in that way, again (ph), because of — the combination of those factors just wasn’t present with either President Bush or President Obama.

WARNER: I — I think that is very significant

Friday, March 10, 2017

Spygate: America’s Political Police vs. Donald J. Trump

Deep State’s dirty tricks revealed

 Deep State – the configuration of spy agencies, career bureaucrats, and overseas spooks whose murky omnipresence has been brought to light by President Trump’s contention that he was “wiretapped” by his predecessor.
With his usual imprecision, Trump managed to confuse the issue by ascribing the surveillance to Barack Obama, and so naturally spokesmen for the former President had no trouble batting this charge away. But as a former Obama speechwriter put it:  “I’d be careful about reporting that Obama said there was no wiretapping. Statement just said that neither he nor the [White House] ordered it.”
And then there’s the word “wiretapping”: this brings to mind the old-fashioned physical “bug” that our spooks used to plant on their target’s phone lines, installed in the dead of night. But that isn’t how it’s done anymore. As Edward Snowden revealed, the National Security Agency (NSA) scoops up everyone’s communications, and stores them in a database for later retrieval. Loosely-observed “rules” are supposed to make it hard (but not impossible) for the spooks to spy on American citizens, but the reality is that there are plenty of times when such information is scooped up “incidentally,” and in those cases the identities of those spied on must be redacted. 
On January 19, the McClatchy news service reported on the “get Trump” campaign launched by US law enforcement agencies:
“The FBI and five other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into Russian attempts to influence the November election, including whether money from the Kremlin covertly aided President-elect Donald Trump, two people familiar with the matter said.
“The agencies involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of national intelligence, the sources said.”
To be clear: during the election, six law enforcement agencies were engaged in a systematic attempt to undermine the Trump campaign, at a certain point utilizing unredacted raw intelligence collected by the NSA and other agencies, all the while leaking like a sieve to their media camarilla.
And this campaign was international in scope, as pro-Clinton nutbag Kurt Eichenwald reported on February 15 in a story headlined: “US Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff, Intercepted Communications”:
“The Western European intelligence operations began in August, after the British government obtained information that people acting on behalf of Russia were in contact with members of the Trump campaign. Those details from the British were widely shared among the NATO allies in Europe. The Baltic nation has been gathering intelligence for at least that long, and has conducted surveillance of executives from the Trump Organization who were traveling in Europe.”
In a panic that their free ride would be over if Trump’s “America First” agenda was implemented, our European NATO “allies” worked in close coordination with the Washington cabal to subvert the US election process far more effectively than any Russian effort. And they didn’t need a FISA court to approve their spying on the Trump campaign.
Which brings up an important issue: there has been much ado about reports of a FISA court application, supposedly denied, and one that was narrowed and allegedly approved: the BBC, the Guardian, and the lunatic “reporter” Louise Mensch have all maintained that this was the case. Yet, as I have shown above, no such approval by the FISA court was ever required, although it would have a) made it much easier for the coup plotters to do their dirty work, and b) would have shielded them from any legal consequences. However, the fly in the ointment is that this would leave a paper trail that, once elected, Trump could simply declassify.
So the FISA issue is, I believe, a false trail, a distraction away from what really happened. They didn’t need the FISA court. They didn’t need a warrant. They simply opened a “back door” that, contrary to reports, had not been closed by the “USA Freedom Act,” and – unleashed by the relaxation of the rules previously governing dissemination of NSA intercepts – simply went through it.
Finally, we have another interesting “coincidence”: the brouhaha over NSA chief Admiral Michael Rogers, who top Obama administration officials wanted to fire, which started because Rogers traveled to Trump Tower to meet with the President-elect. The ostensible reasons given – various breaches of security – were odd: after all, why fire him just as Obama was leaving office? In short, the intensity of the campaign to fire him was out of all proportion to his alleged misdeeds. Aside from the security issue, the very fact that he was visiting Trump was supposedly a major issue: we were told “There’s only one President at a time.” But why shouldn’t someone who might be asked to continue to serve meet with the President-elect?
In retrospect, the visit – and the disproportionate anger it provoked from the Obama crowd – makes perfect sense. If the NSA was being used as a source for the campaign to delegitimize Trump, and build a case that the President-elect is a “Russian puppet,” as Hillary Clinton put it, then Rogers’ may have been trying to distance himself from the effort: “It wasn’t me, Boss!”
The campaign to frame up and discredit Trump and his associates is characteristic of how a police state routinely operates. A national security apparatus that vacuums upall our communications and stores them for later retrieval has been utilized by political operatives to go after their enemies – and not even the President of the United States is immune. This is something that one might expect to occur in, say, Turkey, or China: that it is happening here, to the cheers of much of the media and the Democratic party, is beyond frightening.
The irony is that the existence of this dangerous apparatus – which civil libertarians have warned could and probably would be used for political purposes – has beenhailed by Trump and his team as a necessary and proper function of government. Indeed, Trump has called for the execution of the person who revealed the existence of this sinister engine of oppression – Edward Snowden. Absent Snowden’s revelations, we would still be in the dark as to the existence and vast scope of the NSA’s surveillance.
We hear all the time that what’s needed is an open and impartial “investigation” of Trump’s alleged “ties” to Russia. This is dangerous nonsense: does every wild-eyed accusation from embittered losers deserve a congressional committee armed with subpoena power bent on conducting an inquisition? Certainly not.
What must be investigated is the incubation of a clandestine political police force inside the national security apparatus, one that has been unleashed against Trump – and could be deployed against anyone.
This isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about preserving what’s left of our old republic. I don’t want to live in a country where anonymous spooks with access to my most personal information can collect it and release it to their friends in our despicable media – do you?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Watergate Style Attack on Trump

I have been hearing about the Obama Administration wiretapping and trying desperately to uncover links of Trump and Puttin without success for months. Obama was desperate to blame the Russians for Hillary’s loss. I have warned that Obama’s OFA was circumventing state level Democrats. The rumor mill alleges that this was a Valerie Jarrett operation which was directed from the White House – not the Justice Department as being claimed. The Obama officials are not denying the covert operation, but are trying to paint it as a legitimate investigation of Trump launched by Lynch at the Justice Department to give deniability to Obama. Jarrett was a Senior Adviser to Obama between 2009 up until January 20th, 2017. She is a Chicago lawyer who previously has been tied to Obama and served as a co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.
Jarrett has joined Obama’s effort to help with an “insurgency” movement against President Donald Trump. Rumors also imply that both Chuck Schummer and Hillary knew of this investigation and were briefed, possibly by Jarrett or others in the White House.
It is clear that there was a June 2016 FISA request by the Obama administration to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. That request was amazingly denied as too broad. The rumor is that the Court was very concerned this was a witch hunt by Obama without any evidence that was akin to Watergate.

Then in October 2016 before the election, the Obama administration submitted a new request that was more narrow to the FISA court which targeted a computer server in Trump Tower they alleged would show links to Russian banks. No such evidence was found and indeed it was a witch-hunt. However, the wiretaps continued claiming it was for national security to try to distinguish this from Watergate.
NSA Director Michael Rogers participated in the sessions at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. It turns out that Obama officially blamed Puttin on October 8th, 2016. Then on Thursday November 17th, 2016, Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump after the election without informing others. Then the next day, the Washington Post reported on a recommendation in “October” that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position. This was a recommendation from the Pentagon and the NSA to President Obama that Rogers must be removed. This was delivered to Obama by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. Reuters reported on November 19th, that Carter and Clapper demanded to fire Rogers. Rogers didn’t want to participate in the Obama spying scheme led by Clapper. All the information I was getting from behind the curtain warned that there was indeed a soft-coup against Trump that was organized by Obama and that Clapper was deeply involved. I warned this was being called the “Gang of Four” behind the curtain – absolutely unprecedented. Everyone knows I am very cautious not to get involved in conspiracy theories.
Meanwhile, hackers are blackmailing Democrats to release other emails of their covert and illegal actions to overthrow Trump. Reports are surfacing that at least a dozen Democratic groups have been hacked demanding now a ransom and samples of sensitive data in the hackers’ possession have been leaked. One such leak involves a non-profit group using grant money to cover costs for anti-Trump protesters. If that proves correct, there is one non-profit that just committed tax fraud and that will justify 5 years in prison for all involved in that one. There appears to have been an all out effort by Democrats to undermine the government to prevent any reform process of the deep state.
Senate-House Combined 2017
We are looking at the complete meltdown of government. The Democrats have gone way too far and they need to clean house or we are looking at the complete breakdown of any decorum whatsoever. This may be why our computer is warning that private assets are the way to survive – not government. I have warned that our model projected that the Democratic Party was in a major bear market and has been making lower lows and highs since 1932. This is not being partisan or a cheerleader for the Republicans. There is something very very very wrong here and it looks like the unthinkable has taken place. If Jarrett briefed Schummer and Hillary, there is going to be a very serious crisis in government.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Never underestimate the wickedness of your enemy

 2016 was a great year for most of us – but just because we’ve gained the beachhead doesn’t mean we’re going to win the war.

With Brexit and Donald Trump, we’ve done the equivalent of capturing everywhere from Pointe Du Hoc to Pegasus Bridge. But just like with D-Day, the worst of the fighting is yet to come. Our enemy is fanatical, determined, well organised. Plus, they still hold most of the key positions: the big banks, the corporations, the top law firms, the civil service, local government, the universities, the schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood… Give those bastards half the chance and they’ll drive us back into the sea – which, in contemporary terms, means nixing Brexit (or giving us “soft Brexit”, which is basically the same thing) and frustrating all the things President Trump will try to do to Make America Great Again.

I use the war analogy first because World War II analogies never fail, but second because this really is a war that we’re fighting. The bad news is that wars are hard, costly and ugly. The good news is that we’re on the right side and we’re going to win. Here’s how:

We will never underestimate the wickedness of the enemy

We will always remember that we are better than them 

We will take the fight to the enemy, not cower in No Man’s Land

 I call the latter approach the “dogshit yogurt fallacy.”

We will never apologise, never explain, never surrender

We will laugh in the face of death

Something I’ve noticed about the liberal-left: they don’t have a sense of humour.

 We will mercilessly expose their weaknesses

 Leave no man behind

OK. We’re done. Unleash hell.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

US Election Forecast , Polls Updates

 PROJECTION: Sample Bias + Shy Trump Voter Bias + Late breaking voters (FBI + incumbency rule) - Clinton 248, Trump 290 FBI refers to the reopening of the investigation and the impact of it. Incumbency rule - normally if incumbents are not above 50%, they are in trouble. I am using 47% as a guide. Where she is below that, she is in danger. State of Florida Prediction: Trump 49.3, Clinton 45.8, Johnson 3.9, Stein 1.0 Polls Only - Trump +0.5 Sample bias - Trump +2.0 Shy Voter Bias - Trump +2.5 Late breaking - Trump +3.5 Ohio -Prediction: Trump 50.4, Clinton 46.1, Johnson 2.6, Stein 0.9 North Carolina -Prediction: Trump 48.5, Clinton 46.6, Johnson 3.0, Stein 1.9
But FiveThirtyEight’s models and betting markets give Trump about a 1 in 4 chance of winning the election, about the same chance as the Chicago Cubs have of winning the World Series.  
Latest National Polls  poll_110616

USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Daybreak Poll

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors. ‪#‎clintoncash‬, ‪#‎dnc‬, ‪#‎hillaryclinton‬, ‪#‎crookedhillary‬

Friday, January 30, 2015

Elena Udrea despre seful interimar al SRI, Florian Coldea , Sebastian Ghita si Laura Codruta Kovesi


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sergiu Ionut Diacomatu - Un escroc , tentativa de interlop la fara frecventa, noul lider al PNL Sector 1

Motto " A venit la Braila a venit cu multi , multi bani, au fost sifonati bani multi de la  Fondul Proprietatea , via ANRP , unde activa ca membru  , Acolo e cheia si succesul sau, Udrea nu se combina cu oricine. Nu stii sa furi, nu te califici in anturaj."

Update : PNL Bucuresti blat cu  Udrea
“Tase (n.a. apelativul lui Teodor Atanasiu, coordonatorul PNL Bucure╚Öti”) face jocuri dubioase. I-a tras Udrea co╚Öul cu ou─â de sub fund ╚Öi acum ├«ncearc─â s─â ├«l ├«mpart─â cumva.”, sus╚Ťine unul din vicepre╚Öedin╚Ťii PNL , referindu-se la majoritatea pe care PMP a f─âcut-o cu PSD ├«n Consiliul Local al Municipiului Bucure╚Öti (CGMB) de╚Öi ├«n╚Ťelegerea era taman invers.
Suspiciunile au devenit din ce ├«n ce mai mari dup─â ce fac╚Ťiuni mari din organiza╚Ťiile PNL de sector au pactizat cu oamenii PMP – practic echipele PNL de campanie din cas─â ├«n cas─â ├«mp─âr╚Ťeau materialele electorale ale Elenei Udrea ╚Öi nu cele ale lui Klaus Iohannis.
“At├ót de pro╚Öti au fost ├«nc├ót i-au recunoscut oamenii ╚Öi ne-au sesizat. Erau pungi cu Iohannis ╚Öi ├«n interior poze cu Udrea. Exist─â fotografii cu liberali cu carnet brandui╚Ťi cu PMP ╚Öi Udrea.“Se joac─â cu dosare clar! Omul e prins cu Dosarul referendumului, cu Dosarul cu Turceniul ╚Öi Rovinari ╚Öi mai are o seam─â de belele. S-a zb─âtut s─â preia Bucure╚Ötiul s─â ├«l fac─â pe Oprescu s─â negocieze ╚Öi a e╚Öuat cu PMP-ul pe cap. Din c├óte ╚Ötiu eu le-a promis cote de voturi ├«n unele zone ╚Öi non-combat ├«n rest contra protec╚Ťie”,

Sergiu Ionut Diacomatu - Un escroc , tentativa de interlop, organizator de party-uri al Elenei Udrea, injectat in aorta principala a PNL Sector 1 . Blat cu Ioana Costescu care a prefarat sa ramana "liberala" dupa ce a stat ca o capusa in ceafa lui Chiliman atatia ani si i-a umflat poturile de peste tot , Sergiu Ionut Diacomatu a fost transferat de la Braila ( Diana Tusa stie mai multe, au fost colegi de judet ), in inima Bucurestilor. O miscare care a pus pe jar spiritele dar daca ordinul de la Atanasiu , e ordin, prostimea merge mai departe cu "fuziunile" pina n-or mai ramane nici fulgii din PNL . acum incep sa-mi explic de ce BMW-ul 6 al tradatorului Atanasiu era parcat mereu in zona sediului PMP din Bucurestii Noi. Credeam ca omul merge la frizer si cand colo, el combina aliante cu basistii mult inaintea alegerilor europarlamentare. Sergiu Diacomatu spera sa castige primaria sectorului 1. Cel putin asa se lauda , bazandu-se pe promisiunile fostei aghiotante a lui Andrei Chiliman si apropiatilor ei "taranisti " : " Ti-l pun pe Chiliman pe tava, am 2 volume de dosare cu el , nu trebuie decat sa le duci la DNA si primaria e a ta ". Pina la investire , Diacomatu are de rezolvat multe probleme de conduita personala si profesionala. Campania pe banii altora e prajitura, mai ales cand le promiti luna de pe cer  pentru sute de mii de euro .  Cele mai fierbinti sunt tepele pe care le-a tras tiganilor din sectorul 1, banul promis pentru voturile comunitatii dar pe care a uitat sa-i achite dupa. Il cauta tiganii disperati si nu stiu cum o va scoate la mal, Relatiile sale cu lumea interlopa, nu-l vor absolvi de stabor, nici Tampafoi, nici Randunica nu vor pune curul pentru el cand s-o declansa revolutia minoritatilor . Poate-l scapa Udrea, de frica a nu se sparga in ancheta, despre combinatiile cu terenuri si spalatoria de bani comise impreuna cu cumatrul sau , proprietarul blocului cu 10 etaje de langa stadionul Dinamo. Cum care? Cel cu fast Food-ul din Dorobanti ... Sa-i uram succesuri noului presedinte interimar, PNL Sect 1. Un fief liberal de 70% , prabusit in mocirla tradarii si a impotentei liderilor...  .(voi reveni cu amanunte )

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mircea Basescu produce gratieri dupa modelul patentat de Bill Clinton

Mircea Basescu a folosit patentul  presedintelui Bill Clinton. Fratele  fostului gestionar   al Casei Albe, Roger Clinton   a fost  acuzat ca vindea gratieri pe cash greu in ultima parte a presidentiei . Bill avea clientii sai( Marc Rich etc) , fratele venea cu pleava la interval. Se vorbea despre tone de cash dar scandalul a fost ingropat urgent dupa alegerile din 2000. Hillary le schimba pe contributii generoase pentru campania electorala . Avem standarde inalte sau ce mama dracului ?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Socialismul , o boala psihica

Guvernul socialist de la Bucuresti  cheltuie ca la concurs cca 1  miliard de euro pe luna, pentru cheltuieli bugetare curente si obligatii catre firmele si clientala de partid. 
Bani proveniti din imprumuturi externe , pe care romanii vor  fi obligati sa-i achite prin scarificiul catorva generatii. Un singur exemplu , minor pe langa jafurile de miliarde  despre care romanii nu afla din mass media pentru ca, majoritatea trusturilor de presa sunt conectate ombilical sau  prin interpusi, la bugetul public . 
 "Metrorex a cump─ârat 16 trenuri de metrou, pentru care ar fi pl─âtit 98 milioane de euro, ├«ns─â acestea sunt prea late, astfel ├«nc├ót peroanele celor 14 sta┼úii de pe Magistrala 2 de metrou trebuie modificate."

O situatie similara  intalnim in Franta socialistului Hollande  care a castigat, la mustata, alegerile prezidentiale pe o platforma electorala antiburgheza , promitand taxarea  bogatilor cu 75% . Rezultatele nu au intarziat sa apara, firme competitive care pompau  bani la buget au inceput sa plece, oamenii de afaceri  si-au transferat urgent  agoniseala in tari sigure . Unii si-au schimbat temporar resedinta pina  trece urgia  neomarxista . Franta este pe drumul cel bun , al falimentului . Romania mimeaza cresterea economica prin cifre false si vocea imatura a  premierului holograma  din Micul Paris .

Abordarea socialista in politica economica a  Fran╚Ťei   a lovit in ficat  PIB-ul ╚Ť─ârii   ├«n ultimii ani . Pentru a da economiei un impuls fals , guvernul Hollande a ordonat recent 2.000 de trenuri noi pentru a  le ├«nlocui pe existente ╚Öi perfect func╚Ťionale  .   Efortul de modernizare a paradisului socialist a  fost griat de multiple  erori umane . Un raport Reuters arata c─â RFF (Caile Ferate Franceze)  a transmis dimensiunile feroviare gre╚Öit la SNCF , grupul responsabil pentru comanda trenurilor . Politicienii francezi, din arcul guvernamental,  sunt ├«n╚Öela╚Ťi s─â cread─â c─â PIB-ul va fi dublat  dac─â sta╚Ťiile de tren vor fi reconstruite pentru a se adapta  la modele noi,  mai largi decat cele vechi . 
Interven╚Ťia statului ├«n economie, cu precadere dirijismul guvernarilor socialiste, a provocat dezastre insurmontabile . Cei care afirma  c─â banii trebuie cheltui╚Ťi  oricum si militeaza, pe timp de criza, pentru  stimularea consumului  care  in viziunea lor ar putea produce crestere economica , sunt paraleli cu realitatea  si regulile economiei  de piata. 
Alt caz patologic , premierul "papion",  Calin Popescu Tariceanu   facea  in 2008  apeluri  televizate catre sporirea consumului  si sfatuia investitorii romani sa-si transfere capitalul in Florida , unde piata imobiliara  se afla in picaj. Curat patriotism si strategie economica liberala ...

Acest mod de abordare nu stimuleaza  cre╚Öterea economic─â , nici nu sporeste averea societ─â╚Ťii . Dimpotriva,  adanceste datoria publica  pe care incearca sa o recupereze tot din buzunarele contribuabilului , prin largirea cotelor de impozitare, taxe suplimentare si "abcize" aberante .
 Cu toate acestea , statul francez ├«╚Öi poate permite cu greu acest lucru av├ónd ├«n vedere deficitul bugetar curent . Sute de milioane vor fi cheltuite aiurea pentru a demosntra ca Fran╚Ťa socialista nu este capabila sa produca nimic . Renovarile   g─ârilor din  Fran╚Ťa au costat deja peste  80 de milioane de euro. Sute de alte gari  a╚Öteapt─â  inca s─â fie renovate   ├«n timp ce incompetentii din guvernul francez   continu─â s─â arate cu degetul unul catre celalat, pentru pagubele  provocate.

Peste sapte milioane de asistati sociali in Romania

Principalul  simptom al socialismului este ipocrizia
Politicienii sociali╚Öti adora , din considerente perverse, electorale,  s─âracii, clasele inferioare, inactivii  - at├óta timp c├ót acestia  tr─âiesc cat mai departe de lumea lor  .
Ar trebui s─â trat─âm socialismul ca o boal─â mintal─â , sau  costul  terapiei ne-ar baga in faliment ? 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cum se fraudeaza alegerile , Manipularea prin sondaje, Sistemul "antiracheta" din umbra votului democratic

In loc sa arunce pe piata teorii greu de verificat ,Cosmin Gu╚Ö─â, prietenul Elenei Udrea,  ar trebui sa povesteasca despre vacanta petrecuta alaturi de  actualul prim ministru  pe Riviera Franceza cand, inmuiat de  caldura si vodca, pe yachtul lui Cristi Burci , Victor Ponta plangea  ca  l-au racolat "aia de la SIE" si nu mai poate scapa de ei. "Ce dracu' fac?  Nu mai scap de ei "

Sistemul utlra inteligent de fraudare a alegerilor  a fost testat prima oara in 2004 cand  castigatorul real a fost surclasat , peste noapte, de ingineria genetica electorala . In 2009, la turul intai, Antonescu a fost ciupit de cateva procente pentru a se permite accesul in turul doi al candidatului nascut sa fie "credible loser" . Cu toate acestea, Mircea Geoana  , cu 67% suport, a pierdut la 0.35% diferenta dupa ce initial fusese declarat castigator. Arsenalul sistemului  cuprinde  Poli┼úie, Jandarmerie, SRI, SIE, Prefecturi, servicii deconcentrate ┼či agen┼úi economici de stat si privati abonati la contrecte cu staul. Ambasadele  str─âine au jucat un rol important in desemnarea castigatorilor . In decursul ultimilor 2 ani, mostenirea s-a transferat , prin actul de coabitare, de la  Basescu catre  Ponta , marioneta perfecta a sistemului . Pentru orice  individ normal , cu discernamant , circul electoral in 3 personaje, Basescu &Ponta & Udrea , a fost pus in scena  , in scopul de a cataliza electoratul radical, antibasist   de partea PSD/Ponta  si anti PSD  in zona gri a  avortonului politic rezultat din relatia  Basescu-Udrea. 
Milioane de euro, de la buget, se aloca  intens masinariei  de propaganda, mass media , gurile de foc  din presa si online , institute "sociologice" si ONG-uri conectate omblical la serviciile de informatii    , transpira  pentru promovarea unor noi surogate  , "media darlings" , Victor Viorel Ponta si Elena Udrea . Vechi prieteni in ale combinatiilor  pe bani publici, aparatori ai statului de drept  si ai conturilor personale din off shore si de aiurea. Slugi  confidente   ale sistemului infractional transpartinic si transnational.  Singurul factor care le poate deteriora capacitatea  de fraudare este votul masiv. Licuricii sistemului se roaga la dumnezeul lor  pentru o prezenta mica , la vot, care le-ar permite permutarile  si modificarea cifrelor reale. 

B─âsescu a folosit Centrul SECI ┼či proiectul militar MONSAT  

Achizi┼úionarea ┼či instalarea echipamentelor speciale pentru re┼úeaua MONSAT s-au f─âcut ┼či cu sprijinul National Security Agency (NSA). Actul de na┼čtere a sistemului MONSAT este Hot─âr├«rea 045/2005 a CSAT. Re┼úeaua de sateli┼úi MONSAT de joas─â altitudine, la care SRI ┼či SIE au acces, nu e lansat─â de Statul Rom├ón, ci de SUA, ├«n colaborare cu o serie de ┼ú─âri europene. Rom├ónia „├«nchiriaz─â“ accesul la ace┼čti sateli┼úi, pe baza unor ├«n┼úelegeri ├«ntre Serviciile Secrete ale ┼ú─ârilor NATO. Ei s├«nt folosi┼úi pentru pedepsirea diziden┼úilor, ├«n mod ilegal, prin urm─ârirea, monitorizarea ┼či h─âr┼úuirea sau tortura aplicat─â persoanei vizate.
Re┼úeaua de sute de sateli┼úi care acoper─â Europa nu numai c─â recepteaz─â, dar e capabil─â s─â ┼či transmit─â, ├«n mod egal. Dispozitive radar, bazate pe unde milimetrice, au posibilitatea de a urm─âri o persoan─â, dup─â caracteristicile biometrice, oriunde pe p─âm├«nt ┼či, mai mult de at├«t, de a vedea omul prin acoperi┼čurile cl─âdirilor ├«n care se afl─â acesta. Cu ajutorul agentului special secret al DEA, din zona Balcani (Drug Enforcement Administration), Harry Giknavorian, Traian B─âsescu are acces direct la Centrul SECI.
Acest Harry Giknavorian este, ├«n fapt, agentul acoperit al CIA, delegat de SUA pe l├«ng─â Traian B─âsescu, ├«nc─â din anul 2004. Este singura persoan─â din Rom├ónia care nu are numere de identificare la ma┼čina cu care se deplaseaz─â prin Bucure┼čti. El conduce un SUV Ford Explorer blindat, de culoare verde. Agentul american are rela┼úii str├«nse cu autorit─â┼úile Statului Rom├ón, ├«n special cu Traian B─âsescu ┼či cu consilierul preziden┼úial pe probleme de Securitate, Iulian Fota. Este c─âs─âtorit, are 2 copii, b─âiat ┼či fat─â, ┼či locuie┼čte ├«n B─âneasa, ├«n Complexul ZODIAC; are un c├«ine labrador. America, prin reziden┼úii CIA ┼či prin Harry Giknavorian, a aservit conducerea structurilor din MAI: DGCCO, SIPI ┼či DIICOT. Pentru a-┼či pune planul ├«n aplicare, a trebuit s─â-l schimbe pe Dan Nica de la conducerea Ministerului de Interne. Astfel, americanii au putut s─â utilizeze aplica┼úii ale softului de la RASIROM, folosit de Institutul Na┼úional de Statistic─â ┼či agreat de BEJ ┼či BEC. Agentul CIA din Rom├ónia ┼či omul s─âu sub acoperire de agent DEA, de la Centrul SECI, au putut s─â supravegheze, s─â controleze, s─â influen┼úeze ┼či s─â centralizeze datele din sec┼úiile de votare ├«n timp real. Totul s-a petrecut cu sprijinul SIE ┼či STS, deoarece aplica┼úii ale acestui soft de la RASIROM s├«nt folosite ┼či ├«n lupta ├«mpotriva terorismului ┼či a crimei organizate din Europa. Astfel, Traian B─âsescu, prin acoli┼úii s─âi ┼či cu sprijinul guvernului american, folose┼čte independent ┼či f─âr─â control parlamentar Sistemul Na┼úional de Monitorizare a Comunica┼úiilor prin Satelit-MONSAT. Acest sistem are la baz─â o serie de proiecte realizate ├«n ultimele decenii ├«n Statele Unite ┼či ├«n Europa, iar sateli┼úii lansa┼úi ├«n spa┼úiu s├«nt de provenien┼ú─â american─â ┼či opereaz─â la joas─â altitudine. Pentru a intra, c├«t de c├«t, ├«n legalitate ┼či a-┼či pune planul ├«n aplicare, SUA au impus Guvernului T─âriceanu adoptarea unui cadru legislativ astfel ├«nc├«t rom├ónilor s─â le fie monitorizate toate convorbirile telefonice ┼či toate e-mailurile. A┼ča a ap─ârut subit Legea nr. 298/2008, promulgat─â rapid de Traian B─âsescu, privind re┼úinerea datelor generate sau prelucrate de furnizorii de servicii de comunica┼úii electronice destinate publicului sau de re┼úelele publice de comunica┼úii. Legea se refer─â at├«t la persoanele fizice, c├«t ┼či la cele juridice. MAI, Parchetul General, SRI ┼či SIE au, astfel, oric├«nd acces la date pe baza unei simple ordonan┼úe semnate de orice procuror, f─âr─â a mai exista un mandat emis de judec─âtor. Acest sistem MONSAT permite interceptarea po┼čtei electronice utilizate de oameni de afaceri sau politicieni. ├Än timpul campaniilor electorale, mesajele transmise prin Internet pot fi interceptate neautorizat ┼či folosite de adversarii politici.
Preg─âtirea pentru fraudarea alegerilor preziden┼úiale din 2009 s-a f─âcut ├«n timpul campaniei europarlamentare. Apoi, terminale mobile ale STS au fost amplasate la sediul central SECI de la Bucure┼čti ┼či au fost folosite la monitorizarea comunica┼úiilor ┼či a transmisiilor de date-voce tip SMS. Acest lucru a fost posibil pentru c─â RASIROM (regie aflat─â ├«n subordinea Serviciului Rom├ón de Informa┼úii) a proiectat un sistem care a putut fi folosit de c─âtre prefec┼úii PDL ┼či de c─âtre membri ai acestui partid, care ┼čtiau numerele de telefon ale fiec─ârei sec┼úii de votare, transmi┼ú├«nd date ├«n timp real la Bucure┼čti. Dispozitivul de ascultare a telefoanelor mobile are un sistem de func┼úionare destul de simplu ┼či poate fi introdus, cu u┼čurin┼ú─â, ├«ntr-o valiz─â de voiaj. Agentul trebuie s─â scaneze codul personal al telefonului care urmeaz─â s─â fie ascultat. Pentru acest lucru, el se apropie de posesorul telefonului mobil, la o distan┼ú─â mai mic─â de 25 de metri, ├«n timp ce acesta are o convorbire. Fiecare celular are un mod de identificare, denumit IMEI, care poate fi aflat tast├«nd pe telefon stelu┼ú─â diez 06 diez (*#06#). Rezult─â un cod format din 15 cifre. Acesta este personalizat pentru fiecare telefon celular ├«n parte ┼či nu poate fi acela┼či pentru dou─â aparate. La sediul central al PDL, ├«n noaptea alegerilor, a fost instalat un dulap cu routere. Num─ârul posturilor ocupate a fost de aproximativ 500; acestea au fost instalate pentru conexiuni interne cu sec┼úiile de votare din ┼úar─â, iar la sec┼úiile din afara Rom├óniei nu au fost distribuite terminale STS, deoarece nici m─âcar B─âsescu ┼či acoli┼úii s─âi nu pot transporta aceste terminale f─âr─â a atrage aten┼úia autorit─â┼úilor din Uniunea European─â.
├Än ┼úar─â, STS, ├«mpreun─â cu prefec┼úii ┼či subprefec┼úii, ajuta┼úi de membrii PDL, au fost cei care au condus opera┼úiunile de centralizare a alegerilor (├«ntruc├«t cele 500 de aparate telefonice mobile ale STS au fost ├«n custodia membrilor PDL), iar ace┼čtia au trimis SMS-uri cu mesaje electorale pe telefoanele speciale. SMS-urile au fost expediate de pe cartele prepl─âtite doar de la nivel jude┼úean spre centrul din Aleea Modrogan. De altfel, euroalegerile ┼či Referendumul pentru introducerea votului uninominal au permis Serviciului de Telecomunica┼úii Speciale, s─â monitorizeze, prin intermediul telefoanelor mobile ┼či al cartelelor prepaid pe care le-a pus la dispozi┼úia Biroului Electoral Central ┼či pre┼čedin┼úilor sec┼úiilor de votare, ├«ntreg procesul de transmitere a rezultatelor ┼či a prezen┼úei la vot.
Conducerea PDL ┼či Traian B─âsescu au avut timpul necesar s─â ├«ntoarc─â rezultatul alegerilor cu voturi fictive din str─âin─âtate. Aceste voturi nu au putut fi niciodat─â num─ârate. Generalii numi┼úi de Traian B─âsescu la conducerea STS au primit sarcina s─â rezolve aceast─â problem─â. Este vorba de 3 generali care s-au ocupat de monitorizarea alegerilor: Marcel Opri┼č (director STS), Corneliu Grigore (prim-adjunct al directorului STS, managerul liniei de urgen┼ú─â 112) ┼či Ioan Balaure (directorul adjunct pe probleme economice al STS). Dup─â executarea ordinelor primite de la Cotroceni, generalul cu dou─â stele Corneliu Grigore a mai primit o stea ┼či a fost trecut ├«n rezerv─â.
Au fost concepute planurile de protec┼úie contrainformativ─â prin care Traian B─âsescu a dispus demararea opera┼úiunilor de bruiaj online, pe bani publici, ├«nc─â din luna septembrie a anului 2008. Consilierii loiali au fost ├«ns─ârcina┼úi cu crearea unui departament secret pentru protejarea imaginii mini┼čtrilor PDL ┼či a pre┼čedintelui, pe Internet. Angaja┼úii acestui serviciu privat, pl─âtit din banii Ministerului Turismului ┼či Dezvolt─ârii Regionale, trebuie s─â porneasc─â o campanie agresiv─â ├«mpotriva celor ce ├«l blameaz─â pe Traian B─âsescu, sau s─â posteze pe Internet tot felul de comentarii, care s─â schimbe sensul informa┼úiilor negative despre acesta din articolele de pres─â. S├«nt vizate ├«n principal marile ziare cu domenii de Internet, agen┼úiile de pres─â, blogurile de atitudine care ├«nregistreaz─â trafic etc. Serviciul nu se afl─â ├«n cl─âdirea Ministerului Turismului ┼či Dezvolt─ârii Regionale, dar de el se ocup─â direct unul dintre consilierii personali ai Elenei Udrea, respectiv Ana Maria Topoliceanu.
├Än 2009, am asistat la o fraud─â prefabricat─â, cu CNP-uri inventate, cu voturi ale mor┼úilor, cu semn─âturi ├«n fals, cu Procese Verbale falsificate, cu rezultate inversate, cu mit─â ├«n sediile electorale ┼či un proces electoral dirijat. Agen┼úii STS, SRI ┼či SIE ai lui B─âsescu, ajuta┼úi de americani ┼či de agen┼úii SISROM din afara ┼ú─ârii, au cump─ârat, au furat ┼či dirijat sute de mii de voturi, pentru ca rezultatele s─â corespund─â cu cele din softul comandat de Traian B─âsescu, cu 4 minute ├«nainte de exit-poll-uri, live, ├«n fa┼úa na┼úiunii. Autoritatea Electoral─â Permanent─â, din obedien┼ú─â fa┼ú─â de st─âp├«n, a mu┼čamalizat informa┼úia c─â au fost aproape 14.000 de votan┼úi multipli, sau c─â au existat numeroase Procese Verbale m─âsluite, cu rezultate inversate ├«n favoarea lui Traian B─âsescu.
Referitor la agentul american Harry Giknavorian, acesta are rela┼úii str├«nse cu Mafia ┼úig─âneasc─â ┼či cu Serviciul Secret al romilor, pe care ├«l finan┼úeaz─â din fondurile de stat americane ale CIA. Serviciul de Informa┼úii ┼či Siguran┼ú─â al Romilor – SISROM este un serviciu secret, protejat ┼či de c─âtre Traian B─âsescu ┼či camarila sa din SRI. Acesta este folosit la controlarea clanurilor ┼či a grup─ârilor infrac┼úionale, prin regizarea unor scandaluri ├«ntre bande. SISROM-ul ├«l ajut─â pe Traian B─âsescu s─â cumpere voturi ├«n cadrul etniei (vezi Clanul Bercea Mondialul).
Serviciul Secret al ┼úiganilor are, ├«n principal, menirea „s─â apere interesele ┼či drepturile etniei romilor, precum ┼či dezvoltarea unei re┼úele de informare ┼či comunica┼úii interne ┼či externe“. El colaboreaz─â cu toate Serviciile Secrete clasice, respectiv: Serviciul Rom├ón de Informa┼úii, Serviciul de Informa┼úii Externe, structurile de informa┼úii ale Ministerului de Interne, INTERPOL ┼či EUROPOL. SISROM, av├«nd centrul la Bucure┼čti, func┼úioneaz─â dup─â re┼úeta clasic─â a structurilor de informa┼úii. ├Ä┼či desf─â┼čoar─â activit─â┼úile „├«n paralel cu serviciile secrete existente ┼či d─â raportul c─âtre U.M. 0215 (Serviciul de informa┼úii ┼či protec┼úie a cadrelor din Ministerul de Interne)”. Ca structur─â informativ─â, SISROM se ocup─â de culegerea de informa┼úii din domeniile social, politic, cultural ┼či economic, cu accent pe urm─âtoarele problematici: emanciparea social─â ┼či formele de dialog cu organiza┼úiile non-guvernamentale. Are constituite re┼úele de informatori, care culeg date ┼či informa┼úii din teritoriu. Acestea s├«nt transmise, apoi, sub form─â de Note informative, dar ┼či de informa┼úii brute, direct lui Traian B─âsescu. ,,P─ârin┼úii” acestui sistem s├«nt Virgil M─âgureanu ┼či Ioan Talpe┼č, care au ├«n┼úeles rostul SISROM, permi┼ú├«nd ├«nfiin┼úarea lui f─âr─â a-i crea probleme. Administra┼úia Preziden┼úial─â a lui Traian B─âsescu a acordat girul membrilor acestei structuri.
Spionajul Rrom SISROM - Serviciul de Informa┼úii ┼či Siguran┼ú─â al Romilor din Rom├ónia este o structur─â particular─â, ini┼úiat─â ┼či condus─â discret de acela┼či Virgil M─âgureanu. Acest Serviciu Secret ilegal, care func┼úioneaz─â sub protec┼úia lui Traian B─âsescu, a camarilei din SRI ┼či cu ajutorul oamenilor SIE de la Ambasadele Rom├óniei din marile capitale europene, a schimbat rezultatul alegerilor din exteriorul Rom├óniei, prin implicarea sa activ─â ├«n direc┼úionarea voturilor etniei rome din Spania, Italia ┼či Fran┼úa c─âtre candidatul Traian B─âsescu.
Tot agentul Harry Giknavorian este cel ce controleaz─â SIPI - Serviciul de Supraveghere Operativ─â din cadrul Ministerului Administra┼úiei ┼či Internelor.
SIPI, Serviciul Independent de Protec┼úie Intern─â din cadrul Ministerului Administra┼úiei ┼či Internelor, folosit ┼či de c─âtre americani, ┼či de c─âtre Traian B─âsescu, este beneficiarul unor informa┼úii ale sistemului MONSAT. Acest serviciu capteaz─â ilegal informa┼úii, opera┼úiuni care se pot realiza f─âr─â probleme de c─âtre unii angaja┼úi politici ai sistemului, dar ┼či de c─âtre beneficiarii legali ai acestuia. Intercept─ârile ilegale se pot efectua de c─âtre operatorii MONSAT, care au libertatea aproape total─â de a accesa pachete de date transmise prin zecile de sateli┼úi ce asigur─â comunica┼úiile dintre utilizatorii serviciilor specifice. Acest lucru se datoreaz─â tehnologiei avansate ┼či posibilit─â┼úilor reduse de exercitare a unui control pertinent asupra sistemului. El func┼úioneaz─â dup─â principiile de interceptare a comunica┼úiilor clasice, precum telefonia ├«n sistemul na┼úional. Astfel, operatorii MONSAT pot interveni pentru captarea unor informa┼úii, imediat dup─â emiterea semnalului antenei de emisie, sau pot s─â capteze semnalele satelitului de comunica┼úii folosit de operatorii de astfel de servicii din Rom├ónia ori din ┼úara de origine a utilizatorului.
Cei aproape 2.000 de angaja┼úi ai SIPI r─âspund institu┼úional numai ├«n fa┼úa ministrului Administra┼úiei ┼či Internelor, Traian Iga┼č.
Sistemul MONSAT are aprobarea CSAT ┼či utilizeaz─â informa┼úii ┼či aplica┼úii americane KOFAX, Microsoft ┼či XEROX.
Sateli┼úii americani s├«nt rezerva┼úi pentru situa┼úiile ├«n care victima iese din raza ├«n care ac┼úioneaz─â grup─ârile criminale, deplas├«ndu-se ├«n afara ora┼čelor, ├«n campinguri, la ┼úar─â etc.
Re┼úeaua de sateli┼úi la care SRI ┼či SIE au acces este folosit─â, ├«ntr-adev─âr, ├«n mod ilegal, de c─âtre personalul Administra┼úiei Preziden┼úiale, cu acordul deplin ┼či sub ├«ndrumarea Serviciilor Secrete rom├óne┼čti, aflate sub comanda serviciilor str─âine care le-au pus la dispozi┼úie tehnologia. Elemente corupte din conducerea acestor Servicii Secrete rom├óne┼čti ┼či din fruntea Statului Rom├ón utilizeaz─â, de c├«┼úiva ani buni, ├«n mod ilegal, aceast─â tehnologie ├«mpotriva propriilor cet─â┼úeni.
Comunitatea Na┼úional─â de Informa┼úii, din cadrul Administra┼úiei Preziden┼úiale, deci ┼či Traian B─âsescu, are acces la un Sistem Informatic Integrat, racordat la toate Serviciile Speciale, ┼či unde s├«nt stocate informa┼úiile secrete de importan┼ú─â strategic─â, inclusiv cele ob┼úinute ├«n urma intercept─ârilor legale sau ilegale pe care le efectueaz─â Serviciile de Informa┼úii din Rom├ónia.
Aceast─â baz─â de date, care este permanent actualizat─â, este pus─â la dispozi┼úia pre┼čedintelui Rom├óniei, iar serverele ├«n care s├«nt stocate datele se afl─â ├«ntr-un Centru de Management al Sistemului Informatic Integrat, care, potrivit celor stabilite printr-un document secret (Hot─âr├«rea nr. 0216/27.10.2004, emis─â de CSAT), ocup─â dou─â spa┼úii: unul principal, aflat ├«n Bucure┼čti, ┼či altul de rezerv─â. Potrivit unor informa┼úii neoficiale, Centrul de Management al Sistemului Informatic Integrat este administrat de Serviciul Rom├ón de Informa┼úii.
Această bază de date în format electronic, aflată în serverele Centrului de Management al Sistemului Informatic Integrat, permite Serviciilor Secrete din România să obţină, în timp real, orice informaţie despre o persoană fizică sau juridică, în funcţie de interesele urmărite.
Func┼úionarea Centrului de Management al Sistemului Informatic a fost reglementat─â prin Hot─âr├«rea de Guvern nr. 952 din 14/08/2003, contrasemnat─â de directorul SRI. Accesul operatorilor la date este permis ├«n func┼úie de Certificatul de securitate (eliberat de Oficiul Registrului Na┼úional al Informa┼úiilor Secrete de Stat). Centrul de Management al Sistemului Informatic Integrat este stabilit, printr-un document secret (Hot─âr├«rea 0216/27.10.2004, emis─â de CSAT) ├«n dou─â sedii: unul principal, aflat ├«n Bucure┼čti – Centrul SECI, ┼či cel de rezerv─â, ├«n cadrul Biroului de Informa┼úii Militare (BIM) din cadrul DGIA (o structur─â departamental─â format─â din Direc┼úia de Informa┼úii Militare ┼či Direc┼úia Siguran┼ú─â Militar─â, din cadrul MApN). Brigada de Informa┼úii Militare (BIM) reune┼čte, sub comandament unic, cele trei batalioane care func┼úionaser─â ┼či p├«n─â acum, respectiv HUMINT, IMINT ┼či SIGINT.
Brigada de Informa┼úii Militare a fost constituit─â ├«n urma unei Hot─âr├«ri a CSAT, din 31 martie 2010, ┼či este subordonat─â direct ministrului Ap─âr─ârii,. Serviciile Secrete ale Armatei au primit und─â verde pentru ├«nfiin┼úarea Brig─âzii de Informa┼úii Militare de la directorul Comunit─â┼úii de Informa┼úii a Statelor Unite ale Americii (DNI), James R. Clapper. Beneficiarii acestui Serviciu Secret al Armatei Rom├óne s├«nt: fostul ministru al Administra┼úiei ┼či Internelor, Vasile Blaga, actualul ministru al aceleia┼či structuri, Traian Iga┼č, ministrul Justi┼úiei, C─ât─âlin Predoiu, ministrul Finan┼úelor Publice, Gheorghe Ialomi┼úianu, ministrul Muncii, Ioan Nelu Boti┼č, consilierul preziden┼úial pe probleme de Securitate, Iulian Fota, pre┼čedintele Rom├óniei, Traian B─âsescu, precum ┼či ambasadorul SUA, Mark Gittenstein. Chiar dac─â, oficial, singura autoritate na┼úional─â ├«n domeniul intercept─ârilor este Serviciul Rom├ón de Informa┼úii (SRI), se ┼čtie c─â Statul Rom├ón, printr-o Hot─âr├«re strict secret─â, a autorizat Serviciul de Informa┼úii Externe (SIE) s─â ├«┼či procure ┼či s─â foloseasc─â cele mai sofisticate echipamente pentru ascultarea telefoanelor rom├ónilor ┼či a tuturor comunica┼úiilor pe Internet, prin sistemul MONSAT.
Serviciul de Informa┼úii Externe face parte din Sistemul Na┼úional de Ap─ârare al Rom├óniei ┼či func┼úioneaz─â ├«n baza Legii nr.l din 6 ianuarie 1998. La 15 aprilie 2004, Consiliul Suprem de Ap─ârare a ┼ó─ârii a adoptat Hot─âr├«rea nr. 0063, clasificat─â STRICT SECRET, prin care autoriza Serviciul de Informa┼úii Externe s─â desf─â┼čoare activit─â┼úi de tip SIGINT (SIGINT - SIGnal INTelligence reprezint─â informa┼úii ob┼úinute din surse care ac┼úioneaz─â ├«n spectrul electromagnetic ┼či constau din mai multe subdomenii), pentru interceptarea comunica┼úiilor efectuate prin satelit. Din acest moment, SIE dispune de baza legal─â pentru a-┼či procura cele mai performante dispozitive necesare intercept─ârilor de voce ┼či date transmise prin mijloace electromagnetice (telefoane, calculatoare sau orice alt tip de radioemi┼ú─âtor).
SIE se ascunde ├«n spatele unor legi care ├«i permit s─â asculte pe oricine ┼či oric├«nd, chiar ┼či f─âr─â mandat.
DGIA ┼či DGIPI ├«┼či prezint─â rapoartele doar mini┼čtrilor de resort ┼či nu s├«nt controlate de Parlament.
At├«t SRI, SIE, c├«t ┼či STS, prin Marcel Opri┼č, au folosit ├«n campania electoral─â baza sistemului MONSAT, aflat la Centrala Regional─â SECI de la Bucure┼čti, condus─â din umbr─â de agentul Harry Giknavorian. MONSAT poate monitoriza orice convorbire telefonic─â sau transmisie de date-voce care se realizeaz─â printr-un terminal cu acces la satelit. Acela┼či lucru este valabil ┼či pentru telefonia fix─â sau tehnologia GSM. Datele centralizate la sediul de campanie din Aleea Modogran au fost, astfel, operate ┼či trimise, cu ajutorul STS, din Centrala SECI.
Softul folosit de BEC include o aplica┼úie KOFAX, tip vierme sau tip bucl─â, care are drept scop redistribuirea voturilor ├«n favoarea unui candidat prestabilit. De aceea, toate exit pollurile facute  de la ie┼čirea din sec┼úiile de nu au corespuns, deoarece au fost f─âcute prin luarea ├«n calcul a unei op┼úiuni reale de vot, de 70%, a popula┼úiei, c├«nd ├«n fapt aceasta nu a dep─â┼čit   20%.
Net-Consulting, ├«n colaborare cu firma american─â KOFAX  , ├«mpreun─â cu firmele lui Sebastian Ghita ,  Asesoft ┼či ASSECO, au construit, pe baza programului de la RASIROM (fosta UM 05099, ├«n fapt, o societate patronat─â de SRI), un soft folosit ├«n ultimele dou─â campanii ale alegerilor, care con┼úine o cheie-bucl─â conspirat─â, pentru direc┼úionarea voturilor nule ┼či a celor de pe listele suplimentare, ├«n favoarea lui Traian B─âsescu, la ordinul SUA. Programul dirijeaz─â voturile dintre BEJ si BEC catre orice candidat "ales".
* DGIA- Direc┼úia General─â de Informa┼úii a Armatei, se ocup─â cu culegerea de date ┼či informa┼úii ├«n vederea inform─ârii factorilor de decizie asupra fenomenului militar ┼či politico-militar din zonele de interes pentru Rom├ónia. Totodat─â, are ca obiect extinderea cooper─ârii cu celelalte structuri cu atribu┼úii ├«n domeniul securit─â┼úii na┼úionale, precum ┼či cu Serviciile de Informa┼úii militare ale statelor membre NATO. Se ocup─â ┼či de ├«mbun─ât─â┼úirea reprezent─ârii militare externe (este vorba despre ata┼ča┼úii militari) ┼či de identificarea ac┼úiunilor care ar putea aduce atingere capacit─â┼úilor opera┼úionale, personalului ┼či patrimoniului Armatei. Are ca sarcin─â ┼či descoperirea ┼či prevenirea actelor de corup┼úie ┼či altor activit─â┼úi ilegale ├«n care ar fi putut fi implicat personalul Armatei.
* MONSAT - Sistemul Naţional de Monitorizare a Comunicaţiilor prin Satelit.
* RASIROM - Regie autonom─â aflat─â ├«n subordinea Serviciului Rom├ón de Informa┼úii, av├«nd ca principal obiect de activitate proiectarea, realizarea ┼či instalarea sistemelor de paz─â ┼či de alarmare la efrac┼úie ┼či ├«nceput de incendiu, stingerea automat─â a acestuia, controlul accesului persoanelor ┼či autovehiculelor, controlul biometric ┼či autentificarea identit─â┼úii, TVCI, CATV. Firma mai ofer─â instala┼úii ┼či echipamente de protec┼úie fizic─â ┼či electronic─â a incintelor ┼či a perimetrelor, cu centralizarea informa┼úiilor ├«n dispecerate specializate, precum ┼či re┼úele de comunica┼úii voce-date. RASIROM de┼úine o tipografie proprie.