Friday, August 18, 2017

Fascism and Nazism , The Extreme Lefties

Nazis weren't really socialists, just like Democrats aren't really democratic, when you go far west you end up in the east.

Benito Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, and Adolf Hitler, the founder of Nazism, are commonly portrayed as right-wing, conservative, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Mussolini and Fascism

It might surprise those who’ve heard Mussolini consistently portrayed as a died-in-the-wool right-wing conservative, and fascists as the most extreme of right-wingers, to learn that Mussolini followed in the footsteps of his Socialist father, and his very name was given because of his parent’s left-wing views. He was given the name Benito because of left-wing Mexican President Benito Juarez, and his middle names Andrea and Amilcare were given in honor of Italian Socialists Andrea Costa and Amilcare Cipriani.

Mussolini was part of the Italian Socialist movement growing up, and was even arrested by the police for his part in a violent labor strike. He was the editor of the Socialist newspaper Avanti(Forward -Hillary's campaign slogan)! and was one of Italy’s most prominent Socialists, while openly describing himself as a Marxist. He was only expelled from the Italian Socialist party because he supported more militarism than others in the party were comfortable with.
Despite Italian Socialism rejecting him, he continued to describe himself as a progressive Socialist, and not just a Fascist. He displayed his Communist influence by strongly opposing religion. He accelerated government spending and the national debt while advocating Keynesian economics, similar to Democrats today. Social welfare, retirement, and healthcare spending drastically increased under Mussolini, and wide-reaching price controls were implemented. The state took control of nearly all aspects of the economy.
Indeed, in the waning years of Mussolini’s Fascism, his final government was called the Italian Social Republic. During this time Mussolini appealed to the working class and, working with former Communist Nicola Bombacci, portrayed Fascism as a left-wing progressive movement.
So how has left-wing scholarship addressed the increasingly clear evidence that Mussolini and Fascism are and always were left-wing? By asserting, baselessly, that “extremes meet” and that just because left-wing Fascism exists, that right-wing Fascism also exists (and of course they still attempt to portray it as generally right-wing, despite all the evidence).

Hitler and Nazism

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are consistently portrayed as right-wing and conservative by scholars, despite the growing acknowledgment that the German word for Nazi,  Nationalsozialismus, translates as “National Socialist Party.” The Nazis were secular Socialists, and Social Darwinism played a major role in the party’s belief system, which is why scientists like Josef Mengele committed such inhuman experiments.
Indeed, the well-known practice of eugenics by the Nazis, their attempted population control, and support for abortion, should identify them as solidly left-wing. The attacks on Jews were in large part motivated by the Nazi’s hatred of capitalism (see e.g. Joseph Goebbel’s statements), and the Jews, who controlled much of the banking sector, were targeted as an excuse for government control of the banking industry.
Hitler, like Mussolini, accelerated government spending and the national debt. The Nazi’s 25 Point Program identified government taking control of/nationalizing industries (13), expansion of retirement welfare spending (15), increased public education spending (20), and increased healthcare and labor rights (21) as top priorities. Hitler took over government control of the welfare system in 1933 by ordering the National Socialist People Welfare’s chairman to disband private welfare institution.
Massive social welfare covered 17 million Germans who received government assistance under the concept of Volksgemeinschaft. Like the Communists and Socialists, Hitler stamped down on Christianity and religion, not just the Jews. The leader of the Confessing Church, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was martyred, and 800 Protestant pastors were arrested throughout Germany by the Nazis, along with 400 Catholic priests.
By this time it should be crystal clear that Nazism and Fascism are far left-wing, even more so than Socialism and Communism, and only the left-wing bent of many scholars and journalists prevents this from being widely acknowledged. It is being blatantly covered up and lied about by prominent figures throughout academia and the press to further their liberal, left-wing agendas. The knowledge is inconvenient to their own progressive, atheistic,  immoral belief systems.

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