Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Creation of the Federal Reserve

In 1694, a template (that will be repeated around the world) a private controlled bank lending money to governments with interest that it prints out of nothing. In 1781 the United states is in turmoil, the paper currency failed by the war, Robert Morris (investigated for war profiteering) Now as Superintendent of the US from 1781-1784 is noted as the most powerful man in America next to General Washington. Morris argues for a privately owned bank deliberately, modeled on the bank of England. Congress backed into a corner by War obligations and forced to do business with the bankers gives in. Immediately following the constitution, Alexander Hamilton is already working on the next stages of a central bank..
The first bank of the United states is created in 1791, and follows the model of the bank of England. In the first 5 years of the banks existence, the US government borrows 8.2 million dollars, and prices rise 72%. By 1795, when Hamilton leaves office, the incoming treasury secretary announces that the government needs even more money and sells off the government's meager 20% share in the bank making it a fully private organization. After a vote from Congress, this bank is closed in 1811. Less than a year later, the US is at war with England, raising the public debt from 45 million to 119 million within 2 years. With trade at a stand still, prices rising and inflation soaring, President Madison signs a charter for the creation of a 2nd central bank in 1816. Just as before, allowed to print money out of thin air and loan to governments with interests. In 1833 Jackson won the reelection on the promise of ending the bank and paying off the debt. On Jan 8th 1835, Andrew Jackson succeeded in paying off the debt or the 1st and only time in America's history. In 1871, JP Morgan is partnered in his own firm (JP Morgan and company) . It is Morgan who financed the Vanderbilt railroads, At&T ,General Electric, General Motors, and Dupont .JP Morgan also financed the United States steel corporation, and in 1907 sets in motion the creation of the Federal Reserve. JP Morgan started spreading rumors about his competitors outing himself as a "hero" to "save" to save those from the corrupt system which lead to the "Money trust" or "Panic of 1907". Private secret meeting to Jackal island in 1910 to discuss the final construction of the central bank owned by private bankers. Aldrich in 1911 presented to Congress "the Aldrich bill" but was Turned down by Congress, so instead they gave it a new face under Sen Robert Owen and Sen Carter Glass, and with the fraud of JP Morgan and the select events leading up to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Image
For centuries they have tried over and over to enslave us at all cost, stopping at nothing regardless the loss or sacrifice of the American people, the Fed is the enemy of the people because they are backed by an invisible enemy. Image

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